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In this Fortnite PvE Save The World video, I am sharing my thoughts and testing process for the event shotgun DragonFire that is available for a limited time. I am testing the weapon with the Raider hero classes, using the now named Raider Raptor (thanks to epic for rubbing the battle royale favorism in out faces once again) as support hero for the Raider Headhunter female hero that I use to main…

38 thoughts on “Fortnite | DragonFire Shotgun | Headhunter and Raptor Heroes | Event Weapon Review

  1. Mr Loke perhaps you have any Headhunter copy blue or green that i can have 🙂 whit this new gift sistem it would be possible to change some cards. Will trade anything i just want that hero so bad as well as Thief Mari and Sarah Hotep, will give anything Mr. Loke please. Hope you have the time to read this and thank you anyway.

  2. Hey man I just got the dragons might fromnthe seasonal llama. It has %14 crit chance, 15% reload speed, 45% crit damage, 28% crit chance, and the last perk I have never heard of. It says "on kill: spawn Roman candle at enemy location (8 seconds cooldown)" what does this mean????

  3. Yeah the stats/ perks on the fun just don't add up with a shotgun with that low range it should have insane impact and or damage and it has neither the perks or hat come with it are good unfortunately the set perks on the fun are bad it needs a range buff or a massive impact buff to make it half decent good vid

  4. Tbh my level 30 “raptor” with a lvl 82 energy bear and my level 86 base almost bishot every husky husk… so idk how viable that weapon could be… the range is only 1,5 tile… for me it’s not worth it.

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