Save the World! Dev Update with Canny Valley Part 2 / Fortnite

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Fortnite StW; Dev Update for Save the World, Canny Valley Part 2
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37 thoughts on “Save the World! Dev Update with Canny Valley Part 2 / Fortnite

  1. Well the last one sucks. Sometimes I am out adding blue glo to the things for the boost. Some people just come to the game to start and go. I like to do somethings on the map before it starts.

  2. I was Some days ago in Canney valley and in the lobby they were all level one except one still low level dude. I needed to do 80% of all de damage while day irritaties me With building one by one battle royale cubes blocking teddy😡

  3. yo what's up dean. its kinda good no more low level in high low. how about those people like me who is a duo. he is pl87 and i am pl 75 and we used to do the pl 82, 88 (4players) mission. i found them easy..i have decent weapons and traps.

  4. I get the impression the majority of low level characters i see are second accounts leeching their way through alongside the main, sometimes they try to make it look like it isn't by switching between the two for some stats. But when you've already noticed ones low level its not hard to see what they're doing

  5. Awesome STW improvements! The game is going in the right direction.. Only downside is that the game overall is becoming way to easy and trivial. :/ I hope they fix that soon, before it'll destroy the actual endgame potential.

  6. Just wanted to let u know ive been frequenting save the world streams on twitch and your name is so respected in the community. Thank you for sharing your passion and knowledge for this game.

  7. Global/founders chat is gone. (No trade/site spam)
    Low level leechers will be gone soon.
    All we need now is a way to counter the actual afkers/leechers and were golden.

  8. So they are dealing with people who don't do the objectives, that's great but what about people who join and don't move or do anything, won't have any affect on them, they'll just keep dieing and respawning until mission is complete. On the other hand, what about people who want to loot but someone starts the mission wanting to quick run? And they talk about all these changes, what about a damn confirmation screen when levelling up weapons so obsidian isn't pressed instead of shadowshard? Such a simple fix that still hasn't been added!

  9. I don’t understand how epic can complete full on event questlines in weeks, yet it’s taken a whole year to complete HALF of canny valley, It seems battle royale is the favourite child and and save the world is the mistake that they neglect but can’t get rid of or let it die. It’s definitely gonna take a couple years to finish the game at this rate.

  10. Had the same issues in twine. I worked hard during grind event to get 70 plus for twine. Go into mission for quest and I noticed the other two were dien almost instantly. I checked power levels and they were 23 and 25. Asked if I had a mic then the begging and trade spam began. Had to leave mission…

  11. I have a problem with save the data missions having a damage bubble around them.
    When people join and at exactly 8 minutes shoot down the balloon while im still competing quests or trying to clear the map for higher loot and then complain that i dont return to help, no one asked if im ready they just went ahead and started without me so as far as im concerned they can compete the mission without me while i finish my quests or whatever. Maybe there should be a vote system in "save the data" like other missions.

  12. I already quit it fuck epic they never make cool new things to save the world all feels the same protect protect and more protect but battle royale gets meteors,rockets and a freaking flying island and what we get ? another battle pass skin and boring events and the cool things are reserved to battle royale like we invest money too why we get the cheap side of epic

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